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April is Jazz Appreciation Month, an annual program of Smithsonian Jazz. You can participate by enjoying our live jazz broadcast on 91.1 in Birmingham, or on our web stream. And as the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame plans to reopen our museum and performance hall later this year, you can support jazz in Alabama by supporting our efforts. Visit our Donate page to learn more.

Thanks for playing March Jazzness

Congrats to Jessimmy for winning the inaugural March Jazzness contest! Jessimmy correctly picked Kansas as the national champion – way to go! Thanks to all who participated, and we hope to see you soon back at jazzhall.com.

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We Safeguard The Stories of Alabama's Jazz Heroes, Honoring The Artists Who Paved The Way and The Community Traditions That Created Them.

How Do We Accomplish Our Mission ?

Under the leadership of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, the Carver Theatre has emerged as an indispensable asset to the community and receives over 30,000 visitors annually.

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