Gen-Z jazz prodigies Domi and JD Beck: ‘It was insane to see Herbie Hancock solo in front of us’

The duo talk about working with the jazz pioneer on their debut album, Not Tight, collaborating with Anderson .Paak and not making music for ‘psycho jazz musicians who stay up until 8am’

Domi and JD Beck might be the first musicians to ever shitpost their way into the jazz pantheon. At 22 and 19, respectively, they’re both undeniable prodigies – the former a keyboardist who plays with the same speed, intensity and militant precision that most people her age use to text, the latter a drummer who could probably keep perfect time with the ECG of a cardiac arrest.

They also have more in common with your average meme account admins than most artists signed to longstanding jazz label Blue Note: they refer to their rendition of John Coltrane’s My Favourite Things as My Favourite Ballsack; their spin on Coltrane’s Giant Steps is, of course, Giant Nuts; they once joked that their debut album would be called Pussy With Balls. To be a fan of Domi and JD Beck is to be constantly reminded of testicles – a recent show at the Hollywood Bowl was memorialised on Domi’s Instagram as a set at “the Hollywood Ballsack”.

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