‘Louis Prima has been in my head since I first saw The Jungle Book’: Stephen Moyer’s honest playlist

The True Blood actor on growing up in a house full of jazz and rock’n’roll, and his daughter introducing him to Mother Mother

The first song I remember hearing
My mum and dad met at a jazz club in Ilford, east London, so I grew up in a house full of jazz and 50s rock’n’roll. Aged four or five, I’d do an impression of Elvis singing Hound Dog, complete with the knees and shoulders.

The first single I bought
I remember going to this excellent independent record store, Kelly’s Records on Brentwood High Street, aged nine or 10, to buy Start! by the Jam. For a long time I thought George Harrison had taken the riff from Paul Weller and used it on Taxman, not the other way around.

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