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In a world of instant gratification, R&B/jazz guitarist 2unes aka North Woodall invites pausing, patience and peace. Releasing just ahead of Valentine’s Day, his new single, “Let’s Wait Awhile,” encourages listeners to savor the beauty and anticipation of romance with his sensual instrumental remake of Janet Jackson’s Billboard hit. Two-time Grammy nominee Chris “Big Dog” Davis (Will Downing, Dave Koz, Rick Braun, Gerald Albright) produced the single, out now.

2unes plays an electric jazz guitar on “Let’s Wait Awhile,” soulfully intertwining with Davis’s swooning keyboard melodies, seductive rhythmic groove, lavish horns and dreamy strings.

“Recording ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ was a deliberate choice stemming from a desire to encapsulate a moment in music that transcends the fast-paced nature of our world. In a society often rushing from one moment to the next, I felt compelled to create a space for patience and reflection. This recording is my way of inviting listeners to pause, to reflect, and to find joy in the moments of quietude,” said 2unes about his latest collaboration with Davis, following last summer’s “Sensual,” on which he played an intimate acoustic guitar. 

Jackson penned “Let’s Wait Awhile” with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for her “Control” album. The song topped Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and peaked in the second spot on Billboard’s Hot 100 singles chart in 1987. The song lyrics are about sexual abstinence, but reimagined as an instrumental by 2tunes, the tune takes on different meaning and undertones that embrace stillness and serenity. 

“‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ is not just a song; it’s a musical sanctuary where time slows down, and where the simple act of waiting becomes a celebration in itself. The song, to me, represents more than just musical notes and lyrics; it’s a plea to savor the beauty of anticipation, to embrace the power of waiting, and to find solace in the stillness between breaths. In a world that often rushes towards the next big thing, ‘Let’s Wait Awhile’ is a reminder that some experiences are worth the patience, and that the journey itself holds a beauty that can only be discovered by allowing time to unfold naturally,” said 2unes, a Dayton, Ohio native who is a longtime Atlanta resident.

Woodall has been recording as 2unes for nearly twenty years. He’s released four albums, mixing up an alchemy of R&B, jazz, soul and hip-hop. 2unes has shared the concert stage with Brian McKnightLakesideOhio PlayersRoger Troutman and ZappRoy AyersMillie JacksonTom Browneand Will Downing

2unes’s “Let’s Wait Awhile” is available at https://ffm.to/letswaitawhile.

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