Brian Bromberg Album ‘The Magic of Moonlight’ Out July 28

Guided by the music, Brian Bromberg crafts a spirited new set of contemporary jazz tunes that foreground vibe and soulfulness rather than aggressive virtuosity. The Magic of Moonlight is an apt title for this evocative piece of work which is deeply imbued with the shadow-cloaked mystery and twilight romance of an evening under the full moon.

Like its namesake, The Magic of the Moonlight has mysterious vibes and spirituality along with feel-good, positive energy that I can’t wait to share with you. If you like Choices and Thicker Than Water, then you’ll love this album!

“I can’t think of a better way to launch this album than with my song, ‘Nico’s Groove,’ which I dedicated to the late great Nick Colionne. When I wrote this song I just smiled. It was a bittersweet smile because we all lost such a good friend and artist, but it was a warm smile as I knew he would have loved the song. “Nico’s Groove” is a fun and funky song, which is what Nick’s music was all about.
I hope you like the track, and if you smile when you hear it, please think of Nick.”

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