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Brian Blain obituary

Luckily for UK jazz-lovers, my friend and north London neighbour Brian Blain, who has died aged 92, was the very best and most influential kind of fan – a fervently […]

Mick Goodrick 1945 — 2022

Mick Goodrick, a guitarist and teacher who was arguably the most influential guitar pedagogue in the history of jazz, died November 16 at his home … Read More “Mick Goodrick […]

Ramsey Lewis obituary

American jazz pianist whose influence stretched from Britfunk groups in the 1970s to modern performers such as Mariah Carey The American jazz pianist Ramsey Lewis, who has died aged 87, […]

Pharoah Sanders obituary

US saxophonist who started his career with Sun Ra and John Coltrane and went on to find a more spiritual voice The distinctive sound of Pharoah Sanders’ tenor saxophone, which […]

Sue Mingus 1930 — 2022

Sue Mingus, the fourth wife and widow of Charles Mingus who for over 40 years curated his music and ensured its regular public performance, died … Read More “Sue Mingus […]

Pharoah Sanders 1940 — 2022

Pharoah Sanders, a pioneering tenor saxophonist and composer who became synonymous with the spiritual jazz aesthetic, died September 24 at a hospital in Los Angeles, … Read More “Pharoah Sanders […]