Eric Roberson ‘Things Meant For Me’ – WATCH

THINGS MEANT FOR ME” was written and produced by Eric Robersonand Brett “B Dubb” Baker. “This song captures the thoughts I have shared and practiced for years. I truly believe we find songs more than we create them. So my goal is to stay away of the life nudges. And as I prepare to release a song a month for the rest of the year, I wanted to start with this song,” mentions Eric.

The visuals for “Things Meant For Me” were directed by Steven Jon. “We wanted the video for the song to naturally come together like the song did. The location took our breath away, so we decided to shoot there. We wanted to showcase a land of discovery. How it doesn’t always have to be a struggle,” he adds. “Sometimes it is about recognizing what is there. I hope the room, the song, the video and inspiration behind it all, moves others to take the time to find what’s there for them.“

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