Ever wanted to play Mario Kart accompanied by a live jazz band? In Oklahoma, you can

In Oklahoma City, a five-piece band has been putting an authentic musical accent on local Mario Kart tournaments

Video game soundtracks don’t come more iconic than Mario Kart. As the characters, circuits and power-ups have evolved from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System(SNES) to the N64, Wii and Switch, so has the music. Each new interpretation comes with the familiar melodies from earlier Mario Karts alongside new tunes. What could enhance the experience further than having a live jazz band playing the familiar Mario Kart tunes as you race?

“There’s always been this really natural pairing between video games and their soundtracks,” explains Mario Kart 8 Live drummer Ethan Neel, who also plays with US alt-rock band Johnny Manchild and the Poor Bastards and is speaking with his bandmates from Oklahoma.

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