How to submit your airplay report

Submitting your playlist is simple. Please follow these steps to submit your airplay report for the previous week.

1. Getting started

After logging in to the JazzWeek site, click on Stations in the main menu at the top of the page. You must be subscribed as a reporting station to have access. You will see this menu:


2. Before submitting your first airplay report

You will need to complete the profile for your station or program so that your JazzWeek login is tied to your station. If you attempt to submit a report before completing your station’s profile, you will see a message asking you to complete your station’s profile.

Once you have completed the profile the message will go away.

Click on Update Station/Program Profile and Contacts to update your profile. Follow the directions here: How to update your station profile

3. Submit your airplay report

On the Stations page, click Submit Airplay Report. This will bring up a form that lists CD releases from the past 30 weeks in alphabetical order. A portion of that page looks like this:

Enter in the number of spins for each release played on your station or program. If you have added a CD but have not played it yet, check the box next to Added so that it gets listed as an “add.” (If you are reporting a CD for the first time, it will automatically be recorded as an add, and after you submit your airplay report, you will see it checked as added.)

After you enter information for a release, the box for that release will be highlighted in yellow:

You can update your airplay report up until the report deadline. Feel free to click Update frequently to save your work.

4. Once your report is complete

After you’ve submitted your report, there is nothing further for you to do. When the reporting deadline has passed, all reports will be reviewed and then added to the total of reports for that week. Subscribing promoters will be able to review your playlist after the chart for that week is complete and released.

NOTE: Your playlist form will still show after you hit UPDATE. That’s OK: your playlist has been submitted. 

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