Jeff Bradshaw Announces Album ‘Jeff Bradshaw – 20’ For June 23

Since the release of Jeff Bradshaw’s debut album, he has had 20 years of valuable experiences that have shaped him into the veteran multi-instrumentalist, producer, and writer that listeners know and love today. Jeff’s raw talent and ability to connect with other artists have led him to work with the likes of Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Mary J Blige, Erykah Badu, Kirk Franklin, Earth Wind & Fire, Musiq Soulchild, and more.

These opportunities Jeff has had have been the reward of 20+ plus years of hard work. His devotion to his craft and constant ready-to-go attitude has worked out for him over the years.

“JEFF BRADSHAW: 20” (Available on June 23rd)

“I was prepared and ready for those opportunities. Preparation is key in this business. The longer I’ve been in this business the more I’ve still seen that is what it is. You know, when we need to call in somebody because our main guy’s wife is sick or something like that and we got three shows out on the road this week and we need them to come in with no rehearsal and play the show. We’re going to send this player the chart and a couple of MP3s and he’s got to read this shit down. Be always ready to go.”

As Jeff gears up for the release of his next album, affectionately titled “Jeff Bradshaw: 20”, he is confident listeners will still experience his music with the same unique sense of wonder as when they first heard him. “20 years man. It means to me, blessed, relevant, excited, young, and hungry. All those things I still am. excited about the music and excited for people to hear it. I’m still going to create these beautiful songs and the trombone is going to play a different role in every song,” he says.

Each song from his album has a unique story behind it, listeners will feel the movie soundtrack of Jeff Bradshaw’s life from his early days playing in church to the 20 years of releasing music, his present-day life touring with artists such as Patti Labelle, and everything in between.

The first single, “Carrie’s Bread Puddin” is what Bradshaw calls a “southern church, hip-hop D’Angelo swag” style song honoring his mother’s life and her famous bread pudding. “The song is about celebrating the love and life of my mother, Carrie Bradshaw, my hero. The most amazing person I know walking the earth and her famous bread pudding, when you taste it you’ll never be the same,” he says. 
But that’s not the only interesting story, another song from “Jeff Bradshaw: 20”, titled “Dubai Voices” has been serving as the opening number on the legendary radio show, “The Quiet Storm” in Philadelphia for over a year and a half.

“Philadelphians have heard that song on the radio. Now people will be able to download it, own it, and be able to have it for themselves which is awesome,” he says.

As he looks back proudly on his legacy and the journey ahead, Bradshaw’s career has set the foundation for trombone players to do their own thing just like him. “When I’m gone, I know there will be a whole group of young trombone players that believe that they don’t have to be section horn players. Trombone players can be solo artists.

They can be mainstream soul, jazz, and hip-hop artists like Jeff Bradshaw.” 

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