Laufey review – charming retro romance from a deserved Grammy winner

SWG3, Glasgow
The Icelandic Chinese singer blends jazz into pop with ease, and her honeyed contralto has found a home in gen Z hearts

‘This next song is a love song. I know! She does those?” Laufey is softly backlit, with a cherry-red electric guitar strapped over a white blouse, and despite her wry humour she’s about to perform another dreamily romantic song from her second album Bewitched, which last week won the Grammy for best traditional pop.

Blending jazz and classical influences into pop to tell retro, soft-focus fantasies full of “wine-stained lips”, handsome strangers and heartbreak, even Laufey’s most cynical songs are cinematic romances. On Dreamer, the 24-year-old claims to quit dating for good – “I’m throwing in my hat / I can’t take another lifeless little chat!” – yet the airy arrangement adds a theatrical wink, as if it’s the scene before the Hollywood heroine is finally swept off her feet.

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