Old School Cruise 2025

Joining The Old School Cruise 2025 with friends and family is about to get even better! With this exclusive Group Promotion, booking early with 5 or more cabins unlocks amazing savings and benefits.

The Old School Cruise 2025 promises to be an unforgettable musical journey, so be sure to get yourself out there!

  • Group Sales Open Monday, Nov 20th.
  • *FREE 1-Hour Hosted Cocktail Party (Beer & Wine)
  • Receive cabins close to each other
  • Receive $50 Onboard Spending per Cabin
  • Guaranteed Reservations at The Funky Brunch
  • Free Old School T-shirt per Person
  • Create Your Group Code: Make up your a 6-digit code (letters/numbers)
  • Reply to This Email: Send us your code in a quick reply. We’ll send you a code confirmation with a booking link. 
  • Share the Code: Start Group Booking on November 20, 2023.
  • Benefits

    • $200 off your cabin – 5 cabins with your code
    • $500 off your cabin – 10 cabins with your code
    • Additional $50 off your cabin for each cabin after 10 cabins with your code

    Note: if the group does not have 5 cabins. The group leader will receive $25 off per cabin, and each cabin you refer will receive $25 spending money. So make sure you refer at least 5 cabins for the best benefit for you and your group.

     Get ready to party on The Old School Cruise 2025!

    Don’t Wait until it’s too late.  Get your groups together now.

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