One to watch: Chiminyo

This solo project from British jazz percussionist Tim Doyle marks him out as a free-spirited renegade

Ezra Collective’s recent Mercury win was a victorious moment for the band and also a reminder that UK jazz is still thriving. But within the scene’s melting pot of musicians, is there a stylistic diversity that perhaps the word “jazz” is yet to fully encompass? That’s the sort of existential question Tim Doyle has been mulling over lately. One of the UK’s most exciting percussionists, the 32-year-old goes by the alias Chiminyo, and has named his latest EP series after a conversation about whether the scene was less about jazz and more about sharing a certain energy.

NRG 1 and NRG 2 are limited edition 12-inches, captured live, on the fly, by rotating musicians at Doyle’s late-night jam in London. Album two has a varied range of guests who play with the likes of Blue Lab Beats and the aforementioned Ezra Collective, as well as producer Nightmares on Wax and saxophonist Gary Bartz. It fizzes with energy, of course, and sonic referencespanning grime and dubstep and Doyle’s travels in Senegal, Morocco and beyond.

NRG 1 and NRG 2 are released on NRG Discs

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