Pete Brown obituary

Poet, musician and lyricist who co-wrote some of Cream’s greatest hits including I Feel Free and Sunshine of Your Love

The poet and musician Pete Brown, who has died aged 82, made a unique contribution to the world of British rock and blues when he began working alongside Jack Bruce, the singer of Cream, to write lyrics for the supergroup in the mid-1960s. He co-wrote some of their greatest hits, including White Room, I Feel Free, Politician and Sunshine of Your Love.

Despite being an established poet on the London beat and jazz circuit at the time, Pete himself was somewhat bemused by Cream’s reliance on his work. “I used to wonder, ‘Why on earth do they need me?’” However, he conceded, “I suppose I did have that chemistry with Jack. I was always on the spot and most songs, like Sunshine of Your Love, were written very quickly.”

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