Rebecca Jade Announces Album ‘A Shade of Jade’ For October 14

Vocalist Rebecca Jade has carried a journal in her backpack ever since she was a college athlete at UC Berkeley. She journaled her thoughts, feelings, reflections and experiences in the form of poetry and song lyrics. However, although she sang and came up with the album title “A Shade of Jade,” she didn’t consider herself to be a songwriter and didn’t have the confidence to put out original material, so she just toted the notebook around thinking “one day.” That day has arrived. Jade opened the pages of her journal to create ten R&B, jazz and pop songs that she wrote and co-produced with Carnell Harrell for “A Shade of Jade,” which drops October 14 from LadyJade Music.

“The bare bones of a couple of the songs on this album have been sitting and waiting patiently to come to life in a lyric book from many years ago. I knew in my heart that I had something to say that might resonate with others,” said Jade who recently previewed the album at sold-out concerts in San Diego and just south of Los Angeles. 


“I have had the title for this album since college, and I wasn’t even doing music at the time. With this being my first album that I wrote and co-produced, I feel like it represents who I am because I have so many different styles of music that have influenced me and make their way into my music. This album is one of, hopefully, many ‘shades’ of me.”


Jade’s songs on “A Shade of Jade” are personal, visceral, emotional and motivational. Melody-rich harmonies emoted skillfully with warmth, passion, urgency and ardor, her voice reflects the authentic heart and soul of a confident and courageous woman, an artist desiring to connect with listeners via intimate stories, resonant themes, and messages of hope and inspiration. Jade dares to make herself vulnerable; loves, desires and fantasizes freely; confronts brazenly, celebrates with gratitude in the face of loss, and empowers strength and resilience.     


“I wanted the songs on the album to touch on what so many people experience in real life – from love to heartbreak, to loss and overcoming difficult situations. Sometimes a song can help put feelings into words or encourage someone to push through when they want to quit. I’ve had songs do that for me, so I wanted to create music that might do that for someone else,” said Jade.


Jade has been working on “A Shade of Jade” for a while. Last December, she gave listeners a glimpse of what’s to come when she put out a video for the uplifting hip-hop/funk tune “What’s It Gonna Be,” which won two statues at this year’s San Diego Music Awards. The basketball-themed clip – Jade played division one hoop at UC Berkeley and was invited to try out for the WNBA’s Los Angeles Sparks twice – has received more than 126,000 YouTube views. 


“We all go through tough times in life, but I truly believe that we can get through those tough times a little easier if we accept that they will happen and face them head on, knowing that we will get on the other side of it,” said Jade who produced the life-affirming song with Timothy “Twizz”  Bailey, Jr.

“Like so many others, I’ve experienced love, heartbreak and had my share of potential relationships where I thought I had feelings for someone but wasn’t sure if they felt the same way and vice versa. I know that anticipation is a part of the story when it comes to relationships and I wanted to write a song about that very specific moment, that moment right before a decision is made to either go forward with a new love adventure or stop it in its tracks. ‘Show Me’ is my version of putting those feelings into words, the idea of either the possibility of what that relationship could be or the reality of what it never becomes,” Jade said about the single swiftly garnering airplay across the nation.

“This album is very special to me because I have learned so much about what it takes to make a record. I challenged myself to write all the lyrics for this album and to be the person to produce this record. I wanted to experience the process from start to finish and there is no better way for me to learn than to do it. And I’m so grateful for the people along the way in this journey, especially my primary writing and producing partner Carnell Harrell, people who have helped guide me and shared their knowledge to help me along.”


“A Shade of Jade” contains the following songs:


“Show Me”

“Please Come Home”

“My Reason”

“What’s It Gonna Be”

“Drift Away”


“Beautiful Lies”

“Bottle Up Magic”

“Other Side of the Moon”


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