Review – ‘Emergence’ By Lemek

Co-Motion leads off the album, and this was the first single that was released back in 2022. The track is really hype, and with the funky drums keeping time, Lemek is really plucking those stings. Add the horn arrangement, and you have a track that will get you going, if you ever need a pick me up.

Parkway 106 is next. I don’t now what it is with these track that have a driving theme in the title, but this does make you feel like you are rolling down the parkway. Michael Broening guests, and he does his thing on the bass. There is a lot to like, with some really nice keyboard sounds to go with the energetic guitar play. 

Burt’s Mood is a track that will get your head bobbin’ and your toes tappin’. It has some Hip Hop flavor, and Lemek is masterfully working the guitar to give it some soul. Chris “Big Dog” Davis is on point with the mini piano solo.

Groove Central was the second single release from Emergence. Ryan La Valette produced the track, while lending his talents on sax, bass, strings, and drums. We are going to keep this simple. This is one of the smoothest tracks of the year.

In Apex, Lemek plays all of the instruments, but be sure to pay attention to the bass as the lead on this track. The second half of the track is reserved for his signature guitar play. In between there’s plenty of sounds to pay attention to, so grab a drink and soak it all in.

Adam Hawley is featured on Let’s Get Down. The track leans RnB, and the guitars on this track show why Lemek is one of the great up and coming guitarists on the scene. 

Joint Connection is next. There is a lot to like with this one. You have some groovy keyboard patches, some spirited drum play, and Lemek running those guitars. 

Do You Love Me is a slow jam for the grown folks. Lemek is all over this one, as those guitars sound like they are telling a story. Everything blends together well on this one.

Quintin Gerard W. is featured on sax on the track Through The Valley. The song oozes with sensuality, and Lemek is giving us some of that “Spanish Guitar.” If you want to set the mood on a special night, this song will set it for you.

Lemek keeps it upbeat with Lifestyles. The vibe is fun and energetic. The Lemek and Michael Broening pairing is turning out to be very formidable, as there are some strong collaborations on this album.

The set concludes with Without You. This is a Nicholas Cole production, and this is a track for all the lovers out there. Another slow jam with that will leave you wanting more. 

Lemek is one of the New Jacks on the scene, and if Emergence is any indication, he will be servicing up some great music for a long time to come. you can stream the album through your favorite service. 

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