Review – ‘It’s My Time’ by Nathan Mitchell

Producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Nathan Mitchell is back with a new project. It is titled It’s My Time, and if you like piano as the lead instrument, you will like the selections on this album.

This is a ten track effort, and guests include Tim Bowman, Marcus Anderson, Mo’Horns, Kirk Whalum, and the late Nick Colionne.

Review – ‘It’s My Time’ by Nathan Mitchell

The album leads off with the title track, It’s My Time. The track features Tim Bowman, and the uptempo song will immediately catch your attention. Mitchell’s piano play has a really quick tempo, and Bowman’s guitar on the second verse is right in the pocket. This is a great track that sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Just Love is next. The sound is clean, especially the drums, and it has an airy feel to it, which is pleasing to the ears. The horn play during the hook really adds to the track, and the piano is tight, especially during the bridge (right before the climax). You will want to add this to your RnB based Jazz playlist.

100% Cotton features the smooth stylings of Marcus Anderson. The bass lead is really working, as it sits on top of the groove. The horns are great on the hooks, and the bridge features a nice change of pace. This is definitely one of the highlights of the album.

Up next is Boss Man. It features the late Nick Colionne, and as you move through the album, you really have to appreciate Mitchells piano style. It is aggressive and funky, and it is unlike any other pianist out there. Colionne play is consistent with Mitchell’s style, and that makes for a solid track. 

In Sweet Seduction, Mitchell breaks it all down with a slow jam. In addition to the piano, we get some nice synth sounds, which add a little spice to the track, and allows for a “bigger” sound. There is also some slight Paul Hardcastle vibes here, which we enjoyed.

The groove stays smooth with You Are My World. Overall, a really solid track, and the backing vocals during the hook is a welcome addition. 

Kirk Whalum is featured on Journey To Love. This is a mid-tempo track that picks up the pace during the hook. The change of pace will keep the listener guessing about any other tempo changes. Whalum is terrific, as usual, and his sax meshes well with Mitchell’s piano.

We get a little RnB flavor with Joie De Vivre. The beat has elements of some of todays urban hits, and once again we have some synth sounds in addition to the piano. Throw in that fabulous bassline and Mitchell may have a hit on his hands.

The groove slows once again with Peaceful Journey. As the title infers, this is a track that you can just play in the background as you relax your mind and body after a long day. 

To close out the set, we get a little electric funk elements on I Wanna See You Dance. It features Mo’Horns, and the vocoder will never go out of style as far as we are concerned! This is definitely for the Steppers and the Old School lovers. 

Nathan Mitchell proclaims that It’s My Time, and who are we to disagree? There are several tracks that the listener can favorite, and you can stream it now through your preferred streaming service. 

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