Review – ‘Lounge Katz’ by Roberto Restuccia

Roberto Restuccia is back with a new album. It is called Lounge Katz, and he brings back his style of Blues, with a little funk sprinkled throughout. He has some guest musicians that include Greg Manning, Michael Broening, Randy Scott, Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis, and Oli Silk. 

Review – ‘Lounge Katz’ by Roberto Restuccia

The set kicks off with Stand Up. This is modern day Blues at its finest. It has a lazy groove with attitude. Everything is on point, especially when you have Greg Manning, Eric Valentine, Mel Brown and Andrew New on the track. The gritty sound will make you feel dirty – in a good way.

In A Matter Of Persuasion, Restuccia really shows off the guitar chops, and his unique style is on full display. Be sure to pay attention to his solo toward the end of the track. Chris ‘Big Dog’ Davis produced the track, and this uptempo song will excite all jazz enthusiasts. 

1979 features Michael Broening. The strings will immediately reach out and grab you. Once you are paying attention, the guitars take center stage. Add the organ underneath and some Broening piano riffs, you will get a therapeutic experience listening to this track. 

Phone Box is next. Randy Scott is featured, and adding his smooth sax to a Roberto Restuccia song seems like a no-brainer. We are here for this slow funk vibe, and the sound if perfect for your Sunday cookout.

In Smooth Talker, you know the groove HAS to be nice and mellow, right? They have you covered here, with Oli Silk on the bass and Mark Jaimes on rhythm guitar. This is some ear candy to satisfy that craving you may have.

If your bag is some funky Blues, then Hip Jive will hit the spot. If you hear this type of sound coming out of your local music lounge, we are sure you will step in and hit the dance floor. 

Butterfly. That title really captures the essence of the song. All you have to so is just close your eyes, and let the sound just transport you to a better place. If there was a soundtrack for being in flight, this just may be the lead song. 

We are getting some Paul Brown vibes with It’s A Blues Thing. Everything is working here, with the organ and bass complimenting the lead guitar. The drums really make this track. Just sit back and enjoy this one.

Lounge Katz, the title track, really has it going on with the sax play. The vibe infers that some mischief is going on, and we are not mad at that. Restuccia’s guitar is high energy, and everything comes together nicely toward the end.

The album concludes with Pure. This is a stripped down solo by Restuccia. A mellow way to end the set. Simplicity at it’s finest.

Lounge Katz is a solid effort, and we are sure that you will be able to find a few tracks to add to your favorite playlists. 

You can stream it now through your favorite service.

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