Review – ‘Never Too Late’ by Michael Broening

Grammy winning producer, songwriter, and Trippin’ N Rhythm recording artist Michael Broening is back with a new album, titled Never Too Late. This is a ten track set, with guests artists Lin Rountree, Randy Scott, Althea Rene, and Marion Meadows.

Review – ‘Never Too Late’ by Michael Broening

The set begins with Shine A Light. Overall, the track has an airy feel, a little New Age approach, but with some energy. The piano is free flowing, and the guitar parts will grab your attention. At almost seven minutes, it also allows time for the track to build to a conclusion.

Summer In Blue has a nice bounce to it. The piano play has some pop, and we get some synth horns added to the mix, which sound really great. This track has attitude, and we are completely here for it.

Broening smoothes it out with Let It Breathe. Like the title suggests, this is a track where the listener can relax and just let it flow.

Marion Meadows is featured on Talk To Me. The horn play compliments the piano and Meadows has a nice solo midway through. The piano ad libs toward the end are fantastic, and we predict that this will be one of the singles off the album.

Fire In The Sky, has a house music vibe, and Althea Rene is along for the ride. That flute goes nicely with Broening’s sound and the guitar riffs throughout is a nice touch. Overall, one of the better tracks on the album.

Lin Rountree makes an appearance on Lava Java. We think he is the baddest horn player out right now, and the swag we have here between these two musicians is off the charts. 

Talk about the baddest horn players – we have Randy Scott guesting on When You Smile. This is an RnB tune dressed up as a Smooth Jazz track. The melody is amazing, and all of the instrument sounds sound incredible. The background vocals complete the song.

Next up is The Way She Moves. If you want to slow dance with that special someone, then this will be the one you want. If you don’t watch out, this track may put you in a mood…

Never Letting Go continues the smoothed out grooves that Broening is offering on the album. You can tell that grooves like this is where he excels, and you can enjoy these tracks in any type of setting. The guitar solo is soothing, and it really hits the spot.

The project concludes with Oceanside Drive. We are getting some nice Peter White vibes with this one. We would like to see a collaboration with those two!

Never Too Late is an album with some terrific piano and guitar play, and if you like a mix of the two instruments, be sure to add this to your favorite playlist. You can stream the album right now.

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