Review – ‘New Beginnings’ by Ryan La Valette

Ryan La Valette is looking to bust out in 2022. It starts with his new release, titled New Beginnings. He showcases his “double threat” with the tenor sax and the guitar. In addition, he has invites some friends to lend their talents to the project. They include: Lin Rountree, Chris Davis, Nicholas Cole, and Greg Manning.

The album consists of 11 tracks and three interludes, so let’s check it out.

Review – ‘New Beginnings’ by Ryan La Valette

After an Intro, the album gets going with the title track, New Beginnings. La Valette demonstrates his skilled guitar play, and this groove makes the track the perfect opener for the album. Greg Manning joins on piano, and Eric Valentine sits at the drum kit.

Let It Flow was the first single off the album. This is one of those jams that will make you move in your seat. La Valette’s guitar play is effortless, BUT the energy is there. Nicholas Cole is here with drums and synth arrangements.

Another Day In Paradise is next. The rhythm guitar stands out here, along with Lin Rountree’s horn. This is an uptempo track with cool sensibility. If this track does not put a smile on your face, then we can’t help you!

Nicholas Cole is featured in Lover’s Melody. If you need a slow jam that has a funk base, then this will be a favorite. You will like everything about this song, as it has a 90’s vibe that could easily be a vocal track.

After a quick interlude, we have No Limits. La Valette is really showing off his impressive bass skills. By the way, he is also playing the guitar, sax, AND he programmed the drums. You can probably add this one to your ‘roadtrip’ playlist.

Highway 10 is another song with a bass lead. The sax on the hook is really tight over that New Jack beat, and the bridge toward the end is like the icing on the cake. Overall, this is a great song.

We do not recall having any swagger on a Monday, but the track Monday Swagger will wipe those blues away. Once again, La Valette plays most of the instruments, showing us why he is an artist to watch.

Lin Rountree is back for Room For 2. We may need an entire album with Rountree and La Valette, as this is another track that should be a hit. The two are really in sync as they flow through the song.

Up next is Don’t Stop Believing. Uptempo song that is straight sax, and you can tell that it is an inspirational song, based on the vibe. You can add your own lyrics here to make it more personal. Excellent track.

AMG Power is a really funky track. Listen for the rhythm guitar underneath that bass. The sax is the lead instrument, and you will hear parts where the sax is layered, which gives you that extra goodness. We love the overall energy of the song.

The last full length track is Closer To You. This is a slow jam featuring Chris Davis, and when you need a moment of Zen, just play this track and let the stresses of the day just melt away. 

Ryan La Valette is a new jack on the scene, and we are sure that you will agree that he will have several more hit albums in his career. The talent is there, and he will only get better. 

New Beginnings is available for streaming on all platforms.

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