Review – ‘Promise’ by Cindy Bradley

Cindy Bradley is back with a new album. It is called Promise, and it is her first set of new music in four years. Bradley always stays current with her sounds and the production is always first class. Greg Manning produced and mixed the ten track effort, which are all originals. Let’s check out the songs!

Review – ‘Promise’ by Cindy Bradley

The album starts off with A Little Moxie. The title is apt, as is is sort of a lazy song that also shows off her prowess on that trumpet. We love the layering of the horn parts, and the hook features the piano playing right with the trumpet, which enriches the sound.

 If you like those dirty grooves, then For The Cool In You will fit the bill. You will notice the funky drum patch, and Bradley’s horn play is really chill. This track shows why Bradley is one of the top horn players out there.

On every album, Cindy is good for an EDM style track. Drive is that song. Some artists have difficulty with some of the uptempo songs, but not Bradley. She can do a whole album of dance style music and we would not be mad at that!

In Night Flight, Bradley takes it down a few notches with a slow jam that will leave a smile on your face. Everything is working here, with the slick guitar, airy chords, and the soothing sounds of the flugelhorn.

Bradley keeps it moving with Gimme The Night. She plays the trumpet, tenor saxophone, and trombone on the track, and the background vocals add an excellent layer to the mix. The overall vibe is chilled, but with a little intensity.

The title track, Promise is next. The bassline will remind you of some of the classic soul tracks of the late 70’s and with the flugelhorn, trumpet, and the piano play, this is a track where it all comes together.

We get a little festive with Cinco. You cannot go wrong with a little Latin flair on any track. We actually think that this needs an extended version.

In Take The Plunge, we get another uptempo track to keep you moving. The horn arrangements are refreshing, and the entire concept of the song is so different than the usual smooth jazz song. you can check it out below.

In Ani, the tempo slows down a bit, and this song just feels like home. Mark Jaimes adds the guitar play, and this is a new song to add to your Stepper’s playlist. 

The set concludes with Evening Zen. Just like the title implies, you can just close your eyes and enjoy the music. You can add this to a Holiday playlist and it will fit right in. 

Promise is out now and you can stream it through your favorite service. 

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