Review – ‘Promised Land’ by Paul Brown

To say that Paul Brown has racked up some impressive numbers, is an understatement. He has amassed 75 #1 Contemporary Jazz radio hits over the years, and he has produced for artists in both eat Jazz and R&B genres. 

“I have always loved soul music and have worked as a producer with many greats like Luther Vandross, Al Jarreau and George Benson.”

His latest effort is Promised Land. This is a ten track effort, and it features Marion Meadows and Euge Groove, as well as Shane Theriot, Jeff Carruthers and others. 

Let’s dig in and see what Brown has to offer!

Review – ‘Promised Land’ by Paul Brown

The set kicks off with Secret Sauce. Brown is a master at producing horns for the Smooth Jazz genre. They are not overpowering, but they are prevalent, and that Blues guitar sound is right at home with those horns. The upbeat tempo makes this a great song to wet the listeners appetite for what is to come.

Hey Dude is up next. It has a kind of back-road sound, almost Country inspired. Either way, the slower, funky beat will make you feel like you landed in a small, hole-in-the-wall bar, as you sit down for a cheap drink. We are definitely not mad at that!

Wolfpack has an airy sound and feel. It has an uptempo beat, but it feels like a slower groove. Brown’s guitar really hits your soul, and you can tell he is really feeling that performance.

In Elegance, you have just that, a high class track that you can add to any playlist. Sometimes, simplicity is best. You have a smooth groove, with a mid tempo beat, and Brown strumming that guitar. It does not get any better than that.

The title track is up next. Promised Land offers an additional treat…Paul Brown on vocals. He has a nice grit to his tone, and we are really digging this track. It reminds us a little of Mindi Abair when she sings. It has the same kind of feel good vibe.

Marion Meadows is featured on Don’t Stop. The track is on the lighter side, so this should have wide appeal. We can just say that two professionals are doing their thing, creating a lively track that will put a little pep in your step.

In Yo Tengo, we are getting a Latin groove that is a nice change of pace. Brown is a master guitarist, as he can change styles in an instant. The background vocals fit right in, and the breakdown toward the middle of the song is excellent.

This is track eight, BUT the track is called 7 And 7. Euge Groove is here to blow that sax. These two have worked together for years, and it shows. They can play over any groove and it is guaranteed to be a hit. This one is no different. 

This next track is called Da Spot. Just take it in and let it hit you right there. This is the type of jam that you would hear at your local Jazz/Blues club. Just cool cats playing great music.

The set concludes with Round And Round. You will immediately hear that organ, and that will get you in the mood for some Blues. This one is Blues with a smile. The drums, the bass and the guitars all come together to give us some food for the mind. This one will leave you wanting more.

Promised Land is Brown’s 12th solo album, and he is always evolving to stay true to the current musical landscape. This album is new, the sounds are new. but he prefers to play a few guitars that he has had for almost 20 years. That is how you get that balance. 

Go ahead and check it out. You can stream Promised Land on your favorite streaming service.

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