Review – ‘We 3 Keys’ by The 3 Keys

If the keyboard is your thing, then The 3 Keys should tickle your fancy. Featuring Bob Baldwin, Gail Jhonson & Phil Davis, they give you an eclectic mix of keyboard sounds including Moog synths, pianos, the Fender Rhodes, organ, keyboard bass, and other various synthesizers. 

This is a ten track effort, which includes tributes to George Duke and Bernard Wright, and one remake.

They kick it off with That Beat. Nice, funky tempo and a lot going on with the keys.You will just have to sit back and identify all of the piano parts. Be sure to pay attention to the changes within the song.

Sophistication rules with Piano Bar. This may be a track for your “Steppers” playlist, as this will keep the party going.

Into The New is an uptempo track, and those who love the 90’s sound will dig the swing beat. We get a little piano, a little synth, and some mini-solos within the track. 

In Dreaming About A Better Place, the vibe of the song is really introspective, because as the title states, you may drift off and contemplate a few things. Music is better when it takes you to various places, real and imagined.

Work It Out is a tribute to Bernard Wright. This is a funky jazz track that Bernard would surely approve of. We also like the scratching and the samples, which are subtle, but a necessary element in the track.

In Gimme The Keys, one thing comes to mind. This is a really fun song. When you hear the term, “They are tickling the keys,” this track is a true definition of that. Just sit back and enjoy in all 6 and a half minutes of this groovy track.

After a quick interlude, Rhythm Speak is next. We love the energy of the musicians on this track, and the live drums only enhance the feeling. If you need something to get you going, this would definitely be it.

Camaleão is a rework of the Aldir Blanc, Ivan Lins and Vitor Martins composition. This song has had many interpretations over the years, and this one is a nice modern take.

Summerdance is a cool, funky tune. The bass is something you would get in a RnB/Hip Hop track. Crafting a piano track around a groove like this will attract some new fans to the genre. 

The set concludes with a tribute to George Duke. The track is called Something Nice, and the “Duke” influences here are evident. George was one of the pioneers of Contemporary Jazz, and the trio pays it forward with Something really Nice.

An album featuring keyboards was an interesting idea, and The 3 Keys pull it off with some great music. You can check it out through your favorite streaming service. 

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