Rosemary Squires obituary

Popular singer who made frequent appearances on light entertainment radio and television shows in the 1950s and 1960s

Quintessentially English in her style and manner, the popular singer Rosemary Squires has died aged 94. Equally at home in front of a big band or in an intimate cabaret setting and with a penchant for jazz, she was also happy to mix it with comedy performers on television and radio.

When another singer described her as “commercial” it was a compliment, signifying Squires’ professionalism in dealing successfully with differing musical assignments. Over the six decades of her career, Squires earned such sobriquets as the “Queen of the Jingles” – for 40 years, she was the voice of the Fairy Liquid TV advertisement, singing “For hands that do dishes to be as soft as your face … mild green, Fairy liquid”, and enjoying the repeat fees – or Britain’s Doris Day, in tribute to the relaxed purity of her vocal sound.

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